San Mateo County Dental Society (CA)

N95 Fit Test

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August 13, 2020
9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

SMCDS Parking Lot

525 Veterans Blvd. Suite 102

Redwood City CA, 94063

Because we know how important it is to get your practice running, we have partnered with BreatheSafe Environmental to provide N95 fit testing for SMCDS and MPDS Dental Society members and their staff only.

Please read below for important information that you will need to know prior to the fit testing. Registration is at the bottom of this email.

♦ N95 sessions will run in groups up to 9 and will last 30 minutes
♦ Anyone with facial hair that comes in contact with the seal; cannot be fit tested per OSHA
♦ Sessions begin on time; on the hour and half an hour mark (i.e 9am, 9:30am, 10am, etc.)
♦ This is a time-sensitive test, all staff need to be available at the start each session, any one that is late will not be fit tested
♦ This is a taste test, we advise no smoking, eating and or drinking 5-10 minutes beforehand (or rinse out with water) this is a taste test
♦ N95s will need to be supplied for the appointment

NOTE: When you register, you will be sent the medical clearance questionnaire to BRING with you to the fitting! When you register * PLEASE include Name of Practice, How many attending, Desired Date &Time and Name of the Dental Society.

Price: Flat rate of $25 with medical clearance “Cash, credit and debit cards accepted on the day of the event”

You will need to supply your own N95 mask. Please make sure it is FDA approved and is the make which you will be using in your office. For a list of approved masks, click here. Be prepared to tell the make and model upon registration. You may consider having a backup model that is either a different size or style, so there is a higher probability of getting people to pass (if they are vertically folded or all cup style there is a possibility of it not working). Remember, the model you are tested on is the one which will be passed and approved for use. N95 masks are not a requirement to practice (please check CDC and California Department of Health guidelines); this is for those who have N95’s and need the fit test. Space is limited, so please email Jessica at BreatheSafe Environmental and schedule yourself and your staff as soon as possible.

See the schedule at the following link: SanMateo/N95FitTesting