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What You Don’t Know About Long Term Care Planning

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November 13, 2021
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Free Member Webinar



If you’ve been a caregiver, this webinar is for you.  


We’ll talk about long term care planning and how you can free your spouse or children from the emotional and physical burden of taking care of you when the time comes.  

In this short webinar you will learn:

  1. What is long term care?
  2. What can you expect to spend for long term costs in the Bay Area?
  3. Will long term care insurance benefit you or are there other options?
  4. We tackle commonly held misconceptions of long term care planning:
    1. I’ll use my own money.
    2. The government has long term care programs for me.
    3. Long term care insurance is too costly.
    4. I’m too old, have poor health and won’t qualify for any type of long term care planning.


Speaker Bio


Michael D. Wong, CLTC, DDS is a San Francisco native who graduated from UOP Dental in 1994 and a former Air Force Reserve officer. A car accident and back injury derailed his dental career, but he has managed to reinvent himself into an insurance professional specializing in long term care planning.  


Having worked at Invisalign, Michael still has a passion for dentistry, technology, and innovation. He lives in Belmont with his wife and two children and loves to watch his two children play with sports teams.  For several years, Michael has been on his daughter’s schools PTA board and raised funds and organized events for her school and the Belmont Redwood Shores school district.