San Mateo County Dental Society (CA)

Why Choose an SMCDS Dentist?

San Mateo County Dental Society SMCDS was founded in 1929, incorporated in 1960, chartered as a component of the California Dental Association CDA in 1973 under the prestigious national umbrella of the American Dental Association ADA to serve the protripartitefessional needs, interests, and aspirations of dental practitioners across San Mateo County.

SMCDS oversees and refers patients to a member body of more than 600 dentists and specialists (78% of all dentists in San Mateo County) who share a common commitment to advancing the art and science of dentistry to continuously improve the dental health of our community. SMCDS as an organization and its individual member dentists have been recognized by state and local governments for our deep concern and unselfish dedication to improving dental health among the needy populations of our county as well as educating both young and old on the importance of oral health to their overall health.  Along the way, they help their patients attain and maintain healthy mouths and beautiful smiles!


Why choose an SMCDS dentist?  All California dentists are licensed and regulated by the Dental Board of California DBOC. An SMCDS dentist / specialist is bound not only by the regulations of the DBOC, but by rigorous standards of patient care and ethics set and monitored at the local SMCDS, state CDA, and national ADA levels – which means at the time of our referral to you, the referred dentist / specialist is in good stead with all four, has no outstanding claims against them, and is actively practicing in San Mateo County. Together ADACDA, and SMCDS support member dentists in achieving and maintaining high standards of patient care, professionalism, and leadership within dentistry and our community through continuing education programs, community outreach programs, adherence to Peer Review decisions on patient disputes, and active involvement in agencies overseeing the health and welfare of San Mateo County residents. Look for the tripartite window decal proudly displayed by our member dentists.

Mon-Fri 9-5 Call the SMCDS office 650.637.1121 to obtain a referral to a member dentist tailored to your individual needs. Or visit Find A Dentist directory 24/7 for contact information on 600 member dentists.



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